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US-2005216037-A1: Suture device patent, US-2005243284-A1: Projection apparatus with light sources having common prism exit optical path patent, US-2005261396-A1: Highly ductile polycarbonate composition having a metallic-flake appearance patent, US-2006066637-A1: Multiple backdrop compositing patent, US-2006086562-A1: Speaker assembly with aiming device patent, US-2006117036-A1: Method and apparatus to support bitmap filtering in a parallel system patent, US-2006157069-A1: Identification method and computer readable medium patent, US-2006179387-A1: Dynamic retransmission mode selector patent, US-2006204660-A1: Organoiridium compound, process for producing the same, and process for producing film patent, US-2006263041-A1: Transformation of recommender scores depending upon the viewed status of tv shows patent, US-2007021833-A1: Ossicle prosthesis patent, US-2007036758-A1: Mutants of vaccinia virus as oncolytic agents patent, US-2007064597-A1: Globally fair polling for packet switched routers using dynamically biased arbitration patent, US-2007092640-A1: Process for applying organophosphorus-based layers on substrates patent, US-2007125499-A1: Large volume reactor or thin film evaporator with a premixing unit patent, US-2007198288-A1: Sales method through internet patent, US-2007210162-A1: Data storage devices patent, US-2008014967-A1: Mobile communication terminal patent, US-2008114093-A1: Thermoplastic Polyurethanes Containing A Salt Of Zirconium Phosphate patent, US-2008119587-A1: Method of forming resin-based article and article formed therefrom patent, US-2008197053-A1: FROTH FLOTATION PROCESS WITH pH MODIFICATION patent, US-2008232558-A1: Dynamic Voice File Creation and Organization for Leaving Messages in the Event of a Catastrophe patent, US-2008233279-A1: High contrast decorative films and laminates patent, US-2008253347-A1: Notification of Incumbent Users in Dynamic Spectrum Access Wireless Systems patent, US-2008278390-A1: Ultra Wide Band Notch Antenna Assembly for Rf Communication Equipment patent, US-2008299899-A1: RF to IP bridge system and method of use patent, US-2009024514-A1: Method and System for Process Brokering and Content Integration for Collaborative Business Process Management patent, US-2009074033-A1: Cost efficient spectral-reuse transceiver patent, US-2009127933-A1: Uninterruptible Power Supply With Additional Feeding patent, US-2009152272-A1: Removable Breathable Covers for Beverage Containers patent, US-2009153878-A1: Laser scanning microscope apparatus, and surface shape measuring method thereof patent, US-2009159362-A1: Acoustic laminated glazing, acoustic interlayer and method for selecting the interlayer for optimal acoustic damping patent, US-2009207296-A1: Image display device image display method, storage medium storing computer program, and image capture device patent, US-2009268819-A1: Motion vector calculation device and motion vector calculation method patent, US-2009273540-A1: System and Method for Providing Uniform Brightness in Seam Portions of Tiled Images patent, US-2009287483-A1: Method and system for improved speech recognition patent, US-2009320838-A1: Dry powder inhaler patent, US-2010006261-A1: Moving Body Cooling Apparatus patent, US-2010026281-A1: Magnetic sensor circuit and electronic apparatus using same patent, US-2010062878-A1: Green Tees TM,; Tee GreenTM: Green Planet Golf Tees, TM patent, US-2010111077-A1: Method and apparatus for enabling customer premise public branch exchange service feature processing patent, US-2010181088-A1: Electrical feed-through patent, US-2010187547-A1: Image display apparatus patent, US-2003224805-A1: Apparatus and method for detecting leaving of cellular telephone patent, US-2004104373-A1: Thermoplastic throttle body patent, US-2004128958-A1: Device for sleeve-label labeling machines patent, US-2004230664-A1: System and method for multicasting through a localized computer network patent, US-2004240817-A1: Method of making a photonic crystal preform patent, US-2005043113-A1: Variable scoreline golf club groove configuration patent, US-2005080534-A1: Apparatus for automatically adjusting direction of light axis of vehicle headlight patent, US-2005101794-A1: Diacetylenic materials for sensing applications patent, US-2005102311-A1: Method and system for direct linkage of a relational database table for data preparation patent, US-2005175836-A1: Physical color new concepts for color pigments patent, US-2005190447-A1: Zoom lens system and imaging apparatus having the same patent, US-2005254418-A1: Mobility protocol management apparatus for an IP communication network equipment with a view to continuity of service patent, US-2006007372-A1: Double-sided liquid crystal display device patent, US-2006044459-A1: Image pickup apparatus, exposure control method, and computer program installed in the image pickup apparatus patent, US-2006067172-A1: Sound effects method for masking delay in a digital audio player patent, US-2006107659-A1: Metal sheet having a microstructure relieved of notching, carrier body having a plurality of sheets, and exhaust system having the carrier body patent, US-2006217822-A1: Presenting status information of field devices in process control plants patent, US-2007065459-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions for treating papillomavirus tumors and infection patent, US-2007100891-A1: Method of forming a multimedia package patent, US-2007106319-A1: Trocars with advanced fixation patent, US-2007130005-A1: Method for consumer data brokerage patent, US-2007174532-A1: USB hub with sound output function patent, US-2007202152-A1: Method For Encapsulation Of Orally Ingested Materials To Alter The Site Of Digestion, Site Of Action, Or Stability patent, US-2008019057-A1: Elimination of electric-pop noise in MR/GMR device patent, US-2008099126-A1: Method of manufacturing ceramic sheet and method of manufacturing gas sensing element patent, US-2008136670-A1: Vehicle information communication system patent, US-2008163615-A1: Internal combustion engine exhaust filter with pressure relief patent, US-2008215216-A1: Method and Control Unit for Damping Load Impacts with an Open Torque Converter Lockup Clutch patent, US-2008225490-A1: Thermal interface materials patent, US-2009013737-A1: Pushbutton combination lock patent, US-2009064863-A1: Tempering Device patent, US-2009075097-A1: Process for preparing a film having alternating monolayers of a metal-metal bonded complex monolayer and an organic monolayer by layer-by layer growth patent, US-2009100696-A1: Device For Drying A Textile Containing A Filling That Is Likely To Form Clumps patent, US-2009111600-A1: Golf driving range platform patent, US-2009136800-A1: Process for supplying a fuel cell with hydrogen by means of silanes or polysilanes patent, US-2009166547-A1: Radiation image pickup apparatus and its control method patent, US-2009179747-A1: Method and apparatus for determining identifiable tire position location in a tire pressure monitoring system patent, US-2009209345-A1: Multiplayer participation type gaming system limiting dialogue voices outputted from gaming machine patent, US-2009240427-A1: Portable navigation device with wireless interface patent, US-2009301131-A1: Method and apparatus for treating a hydrocarbon stream patent, US-2010072448-A1: Planar programmable metallization memory cells patent, US-2010090594-A1: Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2010112467-A1: Photolithography systems and associated methods of overlay error correction patent, US-2010115380-A1: Method of generating codeword in wireless communication system patent, US-2010118186-A1: Signal processing method and signal processing system patent, US-2010128054-A1: Display control apparatus and display control method patent, US-2010130876-A1: Portable device for measuring blood pressure and method therefor patent, US-2010149236-A1: Speed calculation device, speed estimation device, image forming device, and storage medium patent, US-2010163045-A1: Disposable spacer for inhalation delivery of aerosolized drugs and vaccines patent, US-2010169769-A1: Instant messaging multilingual configuration patent, US-2010177150-A1: Colour print cartridge patent, US-2010199347-A1: Method and Apparatus for Authenticating Usage of an Application patent, US-2010228595-A1: System and method for scoring target lists for advertising patent, US-2004061517-A1: Empirical data based test optimization method patent, US-2004078230-A1: Managing a medical procedure patent, US-2004111726-A1: Data migration system and method patent, US-2004147264-A1: Handover control method of performing handover control of wireless mobile device, base station control apparatus, and wireless mobile device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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